...Did I do last night?

2:10 pm Please come pick me up asap! Where did you go yesterday when you told me you said you would watch out for me!? I’m lying here with some chick who is definitely not my girlfriend...
2:15 pm Dude we went drinking the day before yesterday, you left the club TWO DAYS AGO with 3 or 4 strangers and babbled something about keep partying, that was at 9 AM! Where are you now?
2:44 pm woah my head. She’s awake now too... Apparently I joined those people for an after-hours party somewhere and we kept drinking the entire day... I seem to be in New Jersey now, goddammit. I was already wondering, never heard of that club in NYC!?
#83 08/31/2011 Had a good night?
New York


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