...Did I do last night?

1:45 pm Good morning guys. Got some questions about last night: a) who's missing a Rolex (I don't know any rich kids so I guess it's fake) b) what happened to my TV c) why is there salt all over the place? d) who's the guy sleeping on the kitchen floor? e) who the hell stole my front door, it's fucking cold here!
2:02 pm a) Fake Rolex is real and belongs to my girlfriend b) Steve wanted to punch Rambo (but luckily, it turned out his wrist isn't broken) c) you re-enacted Supernatural and tried to fend off the demons d) no idea and e) no idea everything else alright? Michael
3:30 pm no clue whose rolex but i'll take it, TV? the salt was your idea, you and andy and you demon shit and whatnot... the kitchen dude is your new boyfriend (is what you told us) and i took your door because Suzie puked all over it and it stunk to high hell. :P
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