...Did I do last night?

06:02 am DUDE! I boned her. The that Jennifer-chick! AWESOME! What up with you? Mike
09:02 am DUDE! It's AWESOME, that I thrilled you like that, but I guess that text was intended for your buddy? Jennifer. P.S: Kiss and tell is a no-go.
#10 07/11/2011 Had a good night?
04:50 am Hey boss. I quit, you asshole!
04:55 am Luckily, you typed the wrong number. I'm not your boss! Stop drinking so much! ;-)
05:03 am Is that what he said? I shouldn't drink so much? Tell him I can drink as much as I want! It's Saturday!
#11 07/11/2011 Had a good night?
08:43 am Whoa, man. Drank an entire bottle of Vodka yesterday and fell asleep on Duster's bathroom floor. Took a piss sometime before, all suddenly you're gone. Where'd you go?
01:27 am Shit ey, I just woke up in my own bed - NAKED! And my bicycle is laying right next to me.
#12 07/11/2011 Had a good night?