...Did I do last night?

5:53 am Guess how drunk I am? :-)
5:55 am On a scale of 1 to 10?
6:01 am Yes, 1 being wasted, 2 being sober and 10 is something in between.
#36 07/21/2011 Had a good night?
12:45 pm Holy hell I can feel my heart beat in my head.
12:50 pm Dude! Where the fuck did you go last night?
12:53 pm What? What do you mean where did I go? Wasn't I with you?
12:56 pm Yeah and then I turn around and you were gone! I called your phone like 100 times and the only thing I got back was a text reading "i.ajb"
#35 07/20/2011 Had a good night?
West Virginia
0:06 am Get this: The redneck trucker sitting at our table claims he has visited every single whorehouse in Mexico!
#34 07/20/2011 Had a good night?
6:28 pm I am very sorry, but I we can’t continue this relationship, I did not want to end things this way but you never have time for me! You know I like you! But only as a friend. :( If you want to talk, let me know. Thanks for the good times!
6:30 pm Don’t worry, I was only looking for sex, anyway. Give me a call when you’re up for it! ;) ciao
#33 07/20/2011 Had a good night?
New Hampshire
5:00 am Masturbating in the shower clogs the drain.
3:17 pm Even if I wanted to - I really have no idea how to reply to that message!
#32 07/20/2011 Had a good night?
0:45 am The party is wicked awesome. Mike is really drunk!
0:48 am YOU are Mike.
1:00 am I know, isn't that cool?
#31 07/20/2011 Had a good night?
South Carolina
4:00 pm Hey Dad, how's your vacation? The party was great and don't worry, the house is still standing. But the mulch pile is on fire. What should we do?
4:20 pm Pour a bottle of champagne over it. Mom sends her love.
4:21 pm But seriously - the mulch pile is on fire?!? Dad
#30 07/20/2011 Had a good night?
1:01 pm What happened last night
1:18 pm you drank way to much pal, ive never seen you do so many funny things though lol you were the best last night
1:22 pm Haha, what was the best thing I did last night?
1:35 pm you booked the rest of us 5 a trip to italy, but i gotta go man were about to get on the plane, text you when we get there buddy and thanks!!!
#29 07/19/2011 Had a good night?
New York
7:43 am The guy sitting across from me in the subway seems vaguely familiar. I think we may have gotten between the sheets a while ago, but am not quite sure...
7:45 am Damn girl, you musta been incredibly drunk if you don't remember. Just ask him
7:50 am Yeah right, I should just forget all the other subway passengers, go over and say "Hey, didn't we have sex?"
#27 07/18/2011 Had a good night?
New York
10:01 pm Well I gotta go so i don't spend too much money.
10:03 pm On what?
10:04 pm Texting you, it costs more to text you when I'm out here. they start charging you more.
10:04 pm Shay you're in California, not another country. It doesn't work that way.
#26 07/18/2011 Had a good night?