...Did I do last night?

0:22 am Code Red... Your old man is here with a gorgeous young blond bimbo and they’re obviously having a lot of fun!! Should I do something??!
0:28 am What???? Who? My dad? Or my boyfriend?
#61 08/06/2011 Had a good night?
New York
11:40 pm Betrayer, you have all the beer! -.-
11:41 pm
Yes, AND I have your girlfriend ;)
#60 08/06/2011 Had a good night?
11:56 pm oh my god YOUR MOM IS HERE
0:01 am ohfuck hope you’re not serious what’s she doin???
0:03 am you don’t even want to know, sweetheart…
#59 08/06/2011 Had a good night?
6:32 am Hey ya drunk bitch! I’m taking a cab home. I slept in your stairway… You wouldn’t open the door for me. In case you’re looking for your key, it’s in your shoe in front of your apartment door! Btw: You owe me 12 bucks for the cab we took to your place!
7:12 pm I lost my phone at the club yesterday; thank god they found it there! Without the battery, though o.O Why is my shoe ruined?! And where is my second shoe?? My bra is also gone... I found my purse OUTSIDE my terrace door... Why was I inside the apartment and you were outside, even though you had the key ou
7:43 pm No clue! You wandered around your backyard for about an hour, cussing loudly. Probably looking for your second shoe. I calmed you down, we went inside. Suddenly you started to hit me and kicked me out. I was too drunk myself to realize I had a key outside... :-/
#58 08/06/2011 Had a good night?
6:24 pm We hope you’re feeling better. We knocked on the ambulance door and asked how you were doing. Get well soon.
8:45 pm Guys, I'm feeling better again. Woke up in the hospital for some reason. Don’t know what happened, but I’ll be back on my feet soon. See ya soon, and keep the party goin!
#55 07/30/2011 Had a good night?
9:30 am I’m locked in a room full of grown-ups playing pat-a-cake!
9:34 am You should quit drinking.
9:36 am
9:40 am The leftover alcohol in my blood system makes this seem.... kinda nice and fun!
#54 07/30/2011 Had a good night?
United Kingdom
7:07 pm Hey, can you please come to the restroom quick, the booth on the far right, my string got caught in my pantyhose, I can’t get it untangled! HURRY UP PLEASE
7:09 pm ehm.. yes. No questions asked. am on my way. :D :D
#53 07/30/2011 Had a good night?
11:21 am Uh... any idea why there’s a tampon in the battery case of my mp3 player??
#52 07/30/2011 Had a good night?
New York
8:19 pm Hey Tanja, that was great last week, especially when your dog jumped on your bed the next morning. That calls for a repeat!
8:22 pm My name is Nathalie and I don’t even own a dog, asshole.
8:25 pm Fine, then it’s Nathalie, I guess. Don’t worry about the dog, I'm more of a cat person, anyway.
#51 07/30/2011 Had a good night?
9:48 am her: can you explain why I think about sex with you at 9:30 in the morning?
9:50 am him: can I have that text message printed on poster for my bedroom?!
#50 07/30/2011 Had a good night?