...Did I do last night?

10:26 pm Hey I changed my mind, I do want to go to the party, do you have a seat left for me in the car??
10:32 pm Sure, the left front seat is not taken yet!! :-D
#71 08/14/2011 Had a good night?
South Carolina
8:30 pm Hey man... Problem. Will explain later can you please drive to Mike’s place and wait there for me?
8:34 pm Well, ok... What’s up?
12:03 am Sorry I didn’t show up. -.- You know the typical “boyfriend comes home => lover escapes into the closet”-problem, right? Just happened to me. Tried to make a silent exit, when I got your text and my phone rang loudly. Got punched. Hard. Hurts. Pick me up at the hospital? -.-
#64 08/07/2011 Had a good night?
4:47 pm Dude, I just saw a gay cockroach!
4:50 pm wtf? how do u know it was gay?
4:52 pm It came out of the closet!
#70 08/07/2011 Had a good night?
New Mexico
05:49am BABE!!!! Just woke up in Jims bed, deff sure we slept together as ive woke up 69 suckin on him like a lollipop! PLEASE COME PICK ME UP UBER MISTAKE TIME!!!! plus bring pants i can't find mine! xx
05:57 Wrong number sweetheart, where are you i'll come get you, Mum x
#69 08/06/2011 Had a good night?
United Kingdom
2:57 am Man I gotta go take a dump!!!
3:01 am Why are you texting me about that?
3:05 am She’s on top of me, naked, and won’t let me leave!!
#68 08/06/2011 Had a good night?
11:04 pm Am at the bar, downing some cold ones… Yeah!Come join us?! Max (party phone)
11:07 pm Party phone??? Only alcoholics like you have an extra phone to avoid drunk dialling…
11:12 pm Jealous, eh?
#67 08/06/2011 Had a good night?
2:31 am At the party. Had a few drinks. Please pick me up?
2:36 am Sorry, standing right next to you... We drank two shots of tequila together, remember??
#66 08/06/2011 Had a good night?
9:02 am The more sober I become, the more I regret it all. At the same time, I’m hoping there’s a chance you did not read the last 5 text messages yet. Please delete them!
#65 08/06/2011 Had a good night?
5:11 am There might be an ugly guy sleeping at our apartment... please don’t be too startled…
#63 08/06/2011 Had a good night?
3:20 am Hey Mike I just pissed in the trash can at the subway station. I couldn’t hold it any longer...
3:22 am Had the same idea, put had to crap and took a dump… Did not turn out to be a good idea...
#62 08/06/2011 Had a good night?