...Did I do last night?

2:41 pm Did you give that bitch my number?
2:43 pm Yes :D
3:11 pm We’re a couple now
#91 08/31/2011 Had a good night?
9:48 am Hey darling, I njoyd last night. Thank goodness you could make a silent escape before my parents got back home from church! Lets do that again, call me! <3
9:52 am Why don’t come on downstairs. Breakfast is ready. Lets discuss everything else in person. Love Mom
#90 08/31/2011 Had a good night?
3:47 am Open the door, lost my key
3:49 am Okey dokey.
6:11 am What the fuck!?! Open the door, man!!!!!
#89 08/31/2011 Had a good night?
1:21 am You’re missing a great party, man.
1:25 am Who are you kidding, I’m in bed with my girl, THIS is where the fun is! :-) That, my friend, is what I call the true life.
1:27 am Quit messing with me, your girlfriend is here too, locking lips with some other dude.
#88 08/31/2011 Had a good night?
1:36 am Ey baby! I was watching The Ring with Chris and we had some drinks. Now the idiot’s been sitting in front of the phone for about 30 minutes and is waiting for a call. Give him a ring! That’ll be so fuckin awesome!
1:43 am Awesome, totally awesome! He keeps switching back and forth between amusement and being scared shitless. A second ago he was still laughing, now he’s scared again! :D
#87 08/31/2011 Had a good night?
3:43 pm Last night was incredible! I never thought you could kiss that great, the way you used your tongue… Just thinking about it makes me horny! I’m sitting in my buddy’s bathroom and am fooling around with myself...
3:44 pm Get the fuck out of my bathroom or I’ll kick in the door!
#86 08/31/2011 Had a good night?
South Dakota
9:54 am Shit, I wanted to text you that I’m not a virgin anymore, but sent the message to my dad, I AM DEAD!
10:05 am Oh my god!!!!!! Find some excuse, tell him it was a dare or something like that, you now, a game or something... shit, turn your phone off next time you’re drunk!
10:43 am Yeah, I guess that would’ve been an alternative. But I already flushed his SIM card down the toilet!!
#85 08/31/2011 Had a good night?
9:32 pm Plane approaching, get the landing strip ready! ;-) !
9:37 pm Am already naked...
9:39 pm I meant you should open the garage door.
#84 08/31/2011 Had a good night?
2:10 pm Please come pick me up asap! Where did you go yesterday when you told me you said you would watch out for me!? I’m lying here with some chick who is definitely not my girlfriend...
2:15 pm Dude we went drinking the day before yesterday, you left the club TWO DAYS AGO with 3 or 4 strangers and babbled something about keep partying, that was at 9 AM! Where are you now?
2:44 pm woah my head. She’s awake now too... Apparently I joined those people for an after-hours party somewhere and we kept drinking the entire day... I seem to be in New Jersey now, goddammit. I was already wondering, never heard of that club in NYC!?
#83 08/31/2011 Had a good night?
New York
2.45am I just threw up in the toilet, where are you I cant see straight....
2.58am I just told some girl she had amazing hair.....she didnt its awful, I alsotols some guy I am a model for Vogue, he actually beived me! I think..
3.25am I can smell sick everywhere I go! This club is so skanky In bet they dont clean it at the end of the night.. eww grose! WHERE ARE YOU!!!
3.30 I am trying to find you, meet me at the front doors.. I think the sick smell may be you hun....
#82 08/16/2011 Had a good night?
United Kingdom